Sunday School

Mission: Nurture and develop kids towards God with good Christian characters and as future leaders in different arenas.

Regular Sunday School academic year: From second Sunday of September to May.
Final Exam: 3rd Sunday of May.
Common Sessions & Competitions: June to August
Award Ceremony/Graduation: 1st Sunday of September.

Sunday school is currently held towards the end of the Worship service, during the Homily. We have a 5 minute common session for kids on every Sunday. Then kids are dispersed to the classes. Every class covers Bible & Devotion book on every Sunday, along with the identified chapters from text book.

Current year has 54 kids in Sunday School.

Current Teachers:

Pre-K = Robby Kochuthazhathu
Kindergarten = Tony Alummoottil
Grade 1 = Benny Puthenkalathil
Grade 2 = Samkutty Koovakavil
Grade 3 = Bineetha Purathottu
Grade 4 = Ani Thottumkal
Grade 5 = Rani Puthiamadathil
Grade 6 = Lovely Kondodyil
Grade 7 = Betty Eranackal
Grade 8 = Binu Kuttolamadam
Grade 9 = Jomon Thundyil
Principal = Jinu Kochuthazhathu
Vice-Principal = Binu Kuttolamadom

Teachers Assistants:

Annu Vilayil
Anju Vilayil
Shifa Jose
Jubin Joseph
Ron Mathew



Sunday School Bible Story Telling and Elocution/Speech Competition details

On April 30, 2017, we are conducting Bible Story telling (kids grade 4 and below) and Elocution/speech competition after our Holy Qurbana.

Below are the topics for each category and the guidelines. Please pick any one topic that you like. All kids are encouraged to participate.     Read more...

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